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Small Boat Program Developments

Photograph Inter-Schools Sailing Regatta

Hi all, well past time for an update on the dinghy program activities.

First off, personnel news. Unfortunately our sailing instructor, Jojo Cabarles, has left us. He has been replaced by Victor G. Alvarez (Bong). Bong is an experienced dive master who, unfortunately got the bends last year and can no longer dive. He brings maturity (38 yrs old), instructional and communications skills to the role of instructor and program supervisor. He is currently honing his sailing skills and will be assisting me in the next couple of courses. He has a full-time assistant, Joseph (Budoy) who is also developing his skills. He worked part-time with Jojo on maintenance and safety-boat driving and has now joined the team. He has also been involved in some instruction and is coming along nicely.

With these two new staff members we are now ready to go out to local schools for new recruits for 2011/12. We are late in doing this and will not have time to train the new intake up to racing skills before the ASR. For this reason I’m not planning to hold a dinghy regatta during this year’s ASR but will work towards an inter-school event on Tuesday December 27th. This is very popular amongst the local population and will be supported from the general ASR corporate donations from ROYAL CARGO and ASIAN TERMINALS Inc. One race in the event will be THE COMMODORE’S CUP, featuring a single-handed, round the cans race between all past and present Commodores and Vice-Commodores. I suspect that the rescue boat will be fairly busy. Suggestions as to a suitable trophy please.

The SBP will, however, be represented during the ASR as crew on Blue Orion, Rob Belcher’s Choi Lee 34’ ketch (formally SURPRISE II), skippered by myself. Unfortunately Rob will be out of town at the time but will be represented by his lady partner, Snooky Perez. Everyone else aboard will be from the SBP kids who, if all goes to plan, will do all the hard work. Food, refreshments, parties etc for the crew will be covered by generous support from Virginia and Gerry Lane. Bill Moore is somewhat less generous and has said that he will not give me a favourable handicap NOR 2 cases of free beer as we’re excused paying the registration fee! Scuppered again!

Those of you who were present (and sober enough to remember) last year’s regatta final will recall that the disabled sailors from SAILABILITY brought a few of their paintings on the off-chance of maybe selling a few to raise money for the dinghy program and their own support. In the event, the auction was a huge success and raised a bucketful of money for the program and them. I am delighted to report that, although they won’t be sailing with us this year (as there is no dinghy regatta), I have commissioned 10 new paintings from them to be auctioned/sold at the ASR this year. They desperately need the money to survive in the harsh world of the able-bodied out there, and will be donating a generous percentage to the dinghy program. There are other plans for a more extensive auction on the final night, including some very good quality kit and equipment from a yacht. Check out our web-site for more details. Bring plenty of spare cash.

Finally, the tourism office in PG has a new web-site with details of events planned in the town, i.e. fiestas etc. They can be found at http://lgutourismpuertogalera.webs.com

Looking forward to seeing you here at Halloween.


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