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The Puerto Galera Webcam 

Puerto Galera Yacht Club Moorings Muelle Bay

(updates every 30 seconds, power and Internet permitting)

For permission to use and or copy and or link to these webcam images please email: webmaster@pgyc.org


This Puerto Galera webcam faces NNE and is provided through the resources of Badladz Resort & Dive Shop, home of the best-value Mexican food in the Philippines, cold beer and no snow.

You are looking at the webcam view of the Puerto Galera Yacht Club moorings area from Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera, on the island of Mindoro, Philippines; less than three hours from Manila's international airport (NAIA). This is where many of the "banka ferries" (outrigger boats) arrive, bringing local & international tourists to Puerto Galera's luxury beach resorts and resort hotels for sailing & scuba diving in one of the Most Beautiful Bays In The World. Here also, cruising yachts and luxury super yachts come from across the Pacific Ocean and the West Philippine Sea to stay for short or long sojourns at our friendly, safe anchorage.

In addition to sailing & scuba diving you can enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, kite-boarding, snorkeling, hiking, jet-skiing, sport fishing, range shooting, golf, battlefield games and paint-ball competitions, and of course you can eat & drink some of the most delicious tropical creations known to man.

Once you have visited Puerto Galera you will probably want to buy a power boat or a speed boat or find some island property for sale or maybe a luxury condominium; click one of these links to hop on over to the best website classified ads section in the Philippines.

Sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite-boarding -- Puerto Galera has it all!
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Select Another Puerto Galera Beach Webcam

There are a total of four webcams around Puerto Galera - this one plus three more, strategically located at beach resorts around Puerto Galera's peninsular beaches. Moving West to East they are located at Big Lalaguna Beach then at Small Lalaguna Beach and finally in the heart of the day & nightlife party area of Sabang Beach. Or check out all the webcams for a complete Philippines webcam experience.

big la laguna beach webcam Philippines
Small La laguna Beach webcam Philippines
Sabang Beach webcam Philippines


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