Carl Broqvist_DSC4799 2016”Photo credit to Peter Oxley”

Carl’s love of Diving and the Sea started in his youth but his ambition was achieved when he went to Taiwan in the early 90s and purchased a newly built Tayana 42 ketch, called Chom II.

After many adventures on the China coast, he first sailed into Puerto Galera in 1992, just after the Yacht Club started, but early enough for him to acquire mooring A9, for his yacht.

He than sailed to Thailand, before returning a few years later and making Puerto Galera his home.

During this period he chartered Chom II to tourist visitors and was proud of the fact he had obtained a Mayors Permit which authorized him to do so.

Finally he sold Chom II and became a partner in Pirate Cove Resort, Palangan. Actively building the cottages and other facilities on the site. Later I acquired the adjoining land becoming his neighbour.

Always a willing and active member of the Club, Carl would dive moorings, build pier steps, clear coral from the channel, sign cheques, sell advertising and many other things to help keep the Club on track.

Some time in this period, he started Rock & Roll bar on Muelle Pier with his good friend Ingemar. I would add that he knew Ingemar from his yacht chartering days and they remain very close friends until now.

For many years Carl would let his white beard grow long throughout the year, don his red outfit and become Santa Claus each Christmas.

Travelling in an owners jeep he would go from barangay to barangay distributing rice, food and toys to the less well-off members of the community.

His party trick for New Year was to shave off the beard, dye his hair black and sit at the bar. When people chattered to him he would say he was “Carl’s brother from Sweden” !

Carl’s nickname was ‘Kalle’. In Sweden there is caviar in a tube, much loved for breakfast, called Kalle.

For many years I have sailed in the Baltic in the summer.

High on my shopping list were tubes of this delicious product to bring back for him.

Plus of course his vodka!

After he sold Chom II he enjoyed crewing on Tayana Lady, said this was the yacht he planned to buy but was persuaded to take the Vancouver 42. Together with Tony the 3 of us easily qualified as the oldest average crew.

Carl was always willing to help, when we decided to take off 20 years of antifouling he crewed the yacht to Subic and supervised the scrapping and painting between his beloved ‘smokes’.

He leaves 4 daughters in his Swedish family and numerous friends in the Philippines. He will be much missed by all.

On 17 September 2016, a small fleet of yachts flying Swedish flags, and filled with his friends, motored out into the Verde Island passage. A Bosun’sCall piped a salute and his ashes were set free for his last voyage on the sea he loved.

”Words from Mike Tucker”



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