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Easter Regatta photograph by: Terry Duckham

26th PGYC Easter Regatta 2017

easter regatta 2017 posterTruly the most fun sailing event in the Philippines at Easter 2017. Come and join the 26th PGYC Easter Regatta 2017 with or without your yacht - we will always find a crew place for you somewhere.

The 26th PGYC Easter Regatta 2017 is sponsored by: Philippine Retirement Authority, Heineken, Asia Breweries and Tanduay. Supported by: Philippine Coast Guard and Buri Resort & Spa.



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The PGYC Easter Regatta

The annual PGYC Easter Regatta was organized first in 1991 with two objectives: to provide the Philippine sailing community with a fun regatta during Holy Week; and, to attract more international cruising yachts & crew to visit Puerto Galera. In both objectives it has been a resounding success.

Why Easter?

Why Easter? Because in the Philippines the Easter Weekend is traditionally a non-working holiday from Thursday through Sunday . . . making at least a three day weekend and sometimes a four day holiday for most people.

What Makes The PGYC Easter Regatta Different?

The PGYC Easter Regatta is different from any other sailing event in the Philippines (and indeed almost anywhere across the seven seas) because it is:

  • organized by the long-time cruising yacht club of the Philippines, which is considered to be one of the few sailing clubs in the country organized by sailors for sailors;
  • held in one of the most beautiful bays in the World; and,
  • specifically created to provide maximum enjoyment for anyone who chooses to spend their holiday long-weekend with us.

It is also different because of the people who travel from all over the World to be here, because we put the fun factor back into competitive sailing.

People come to the PGYC Easter Regatta because they know that they can let their hair down, have fun and not worry about who they may offend by winning or losing. International racing teams compete along side novice crews and visiting cruising yachts. Everyone is encouraged to enter into the spirit of the sport of sailing and to share their yachts with as many visitors who front up at the club for the Skipper's Briefing.

All of the racing is organized under the Racing Rules of Sailing and using the Puerto Galera Yardstick (PGY) handicap system, which rates performance above theoretical dimensional criteria.

All races are based on the pursuit race format, which means that yachts each have a different starting time based upon their PGY handicap, which is calculated such that all yachts that perform equally well, should cross the finish line together. Bow to bow competition is often evident within the last half mile on the approach to traditional finish line off Haligi Beach.

After the racing everyone knows who won the race for the day so there is no waiting before the party starts. The (usually) free kegs of beer are opened and everyone is encouraged to return to the clubhouse to rib the suitably thick-skinned handicapper for their variable performance on the day.

Easter Regatta Racing Classes

The yachts racing at the PGYC Easter Regatta are divided into classes depending on the number of boats of a specific type. For keelboats this means that there are classes for IRC, Racing Cruising and Cruising, while the multihulls compete in either the Cruising Multihull or One Design/Beach Catamaran classes.

The division between the Racing Cruising and Cruising is decided based upon the keel type – either fin keel or long keel. For certain courses, long keel yachts will have a slightly different set of turning marks to ensure that the start-times are not spread out too much.

All recognized classes have daily and overall prizes (so long as there are at least three boats in a class) and all yachts compete for the PGYC Easter Regatta trophy and awards - usually a bottle of the finest rum.

This year, 2017, we expect more than 20 yachts (again) will enter the competition – not a large fleet by international standards but huge from the Philippine perspective.

The PGYC Easter Regatta is the best annual gathering of sailing yachts in the Philippines at Easter and, apart from the IRC Class yachts (who battle seriously for bragging rights), all sailors come here with one objective: to sail with intent.

Easter Regatta Weather

The weather gods during the PGYC Easter Regatta have thus far always blessed the event with good breezes of between 8 and 18 knots from a generally easterly direction. Almost every day is devoid of rain, although occasionally the parties have been dampened later it the evening; it has never rained during the racing.

Traditionally, the northeast monsoon is still dominating over the central Philippines, so by the time of the Easter Regatta the breezes are steady, generally easterly and a little cool. For more information check out the "Philippine Weather" page on this website.

Who Should Attend The PGYC Easter Regatta?

Everyone who wants to enjoy fun on the water at Easter should attend. To register your intent simply be at the Puerto Galera Yacht Club before 08:30hrs on 14th April, 2017, or contact the yacht club in advance with your questions.

Yacht Owners

If you own a yacht and want to see how she may compete in the friendliest sailing event on the planet at Easter then you should come to the PGYC Easter Regatta. The entry fees are minimal and the fun factor is off the charts. If you do not have a crew then do not worry, there are always crew available at the Easter Regatta, just waiting for the chance to help out . . . and they usually bring along a six-pack to help with the ship's stores.

Download the PGYC Easter Regatta Notice Of Race to find out more.

Experienced Crew Without Yachts

If you do not have a yacht in the Philippines, and if you do not want to bring one with you, then no problem. The yacht club will make sure you get a crew place on a yacht that matches your experience. Yacht owners will accept you aboard if you help out with drinks and munchies for the day on the water.

Alternatively, you could charter a yacht for the regatta.

Newbie & Wannabe Sailors

Whether you are a newbie or a wannabe there is always a yacht with space for you to come along and try out the healthiest sport on the water at the friendliest sailing event on the planet at Easter. If you know how to fetch & carry a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine then you will be welcomed aboard at the PGYC Easter Regatta.

Where To Stay In Puerto Galera?

If you want to be close to the Easter Regatta action then you need to know where to stay in Puerto Galera and we have provided a selection of the well patronized establishments on the Puerto Galera page of this website. We recommend you book early, especially at places within the bay area, because rooms will fill up fast as the event draws near.

If you choose to stay on one of the pocket beaches around Puerto Galera then expect travel time to the yacht club to be around 30 to 45 minutes.

FYI: the closest airport to Puerto Galera is Manila NAIA; Puerto Galera is 3-4 hours travel from Manila depending on whether you travel by private or public transport. Since 2016 you have had the option to fly direct to Puerto Galera from Manila (CCP) via seaplane; daily, scheduled seaplane flights are offered by Air Juan. For more information check out the "How To Get To Puerto Galera" page of this website

Following The Easter Regatta

Can't make it to the PGYC Easter Regatta 2017? You can still keep up to date on the race results and event news on Twitter:



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