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Orca Tube Craft Offshore certified pontoon boats new design from Australia by Orca Marine Inc., with proven performance delivering high speed from small outboard motors offers economic benefits, plus low maintenance and reliability. Pontoon boats / deck boats offered for sale worldwide by Orca Marine Inc.

pontoon boat offshore

Whether you call them deck boats or pontoon boats the advantages of a safe, multi-purpose, high speed, shallow draft boat for passenger comfort, scuba diving and sport fishing make these Australian pontoon boats a winner for developing tourist locations.

Watch the video and see for yourself how stable the pontoon boat is compared to the monohull boat where the cameraman is:

Nothing like the deck boats of old, this new design pontoon boat can do much more . . . and with so much less. The power source that the pontoon boat in the video used, to reach speeds in excess of 25 knots, is a single, 90HP 2-stroke outboard!!


pontoon boat layout options
deck boat layout options


Orca Tube Craft Pontoon boats (deck boats) also provide huge advantages for first responders, especially for search and rescue following torrential rain and flooding. In coastal or estuary areas the pontoon boat can easily be deployed for fire fighting duties to protect waterfront property - it will get there fast, provide a stable firefighting platform and can deliver a virtually unlimited water supply.

Layout configuration options for Orca Tube Craft pontoon boats go beyond the normal deck boat:

Currently available to order: 3-5 months from order confirmation.

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