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Sailing Courses Puerto Galera - Photo by: Peter Stevens

Learn To Sail Philippines

Sailing Courses In the Most Beautiful Bay in the World !

sailing courses Philippines

Puerto Galera offers one of the most beautiful destinations in the World in which to learn to sail, with crystal–clear, warm tropical waters 365–days a year. Light to moderate sailing breezes are almost guaranteed so students learn to sail faster and achieve greater success. Since 2005 the PGYC has completed more than eight hundred sailing courses where students learn to sail, using the unique, made–in–Puerto Lawin sailing dinghy. Our students come from all around Asia and even from as far as England, Alaska, Estonia, New Zealand and Australia.

The Lawin sailing dinghy design was selected specifically as the Puerto Galera sailing courses boat because it has a standard mainsail–and–jib sail plan, so that everything a sailing student learns here can be applied directly on larger yachts everywhere.

Sailing courses cater for students of all ages (our youngest graduate was 8 years old and our eldest so far was 54) and because Puerto Galera is a mecca for all water sports, in between sailing courses students can go scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkelling, jet skiing, kayaking or simply bask in the beauty of Puerto Galera’s mangrove fringed paradise.

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club also offers an afternoon Wet Wednesday Sailing Experience event throughout much of the year. Specifically designed for those who don’t yet know if they are ready for a sailing course but want to see what it feels like to take control of a sailboat and have some fun with like minded individuals. Once a month (or thereabouts) this is extended to a whole day of fun on the water, with a sailing expedition to a local beach, lunch, and a leisurely sail back to the club in the afternoon. No previous sailing experience is needed for either event. Novices are paired with experienced sailors in each sailboat and a safety boat is with the fleet the whole time. It’s best to telephone call beforehand so that you know what the plan for the day is and so the boats and lunch can be prepared.

Come sail with us today:

Tel: 043 287-3401
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or contact the yacht club

YouTube Sailing Videos

Dubai American Academy sailing camp; March 2012. Students of the DAA booked a five day sailing training camp at Puerto Galera Yacht Club. The students from Dubai were ably assisted by our own sailing graduates. From this YouTube video you can see that everyone discovered that sailing is more fun in the Philippines.

YouTube Dubai American Academy

At the All Souls Dinghy Regatta 2010 ten Lawin dinghies and ten Optimist dinghies were on the water to highlight just how competitive the sailing can be. The “crew” for each boat were mostly local school children who have been through the PGYC sailing courses and have come out champions. See for youself how tomorrow's leaders have earned their medals at a tender age.

YouTube Dinghy Regatta

Sailing Courses To Learn To Sail

Sailing Courses Rates Effective January 2016

Sailing courses (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) cover three days of full time tuition with maximum time on the water. Sailing courses are supervised by a full–time instructor, safety boat and crew. All safety equipment is provided as part of the course fee.


The Basic Sailing Courses include the theory of sailing; how the wind effects the boat; names of the parts of the boat, sails and rigging; how a sailboat works; practical rigging and derigging of a boat, fitting a lifejacket; safety appraisal; launching and landing; stopping and starting the boat on the water; sailing circles, triangles and sausages; capsize recovery (assisted).

Non–members rates are: adults Php 7,840; under 16s Php 5,600.

Members rates are: adults Php 5,600; under 16s Php 3,360


The Intermediate Sail Courses include a review and demonstration of a comprehensive understanding of the theory and basic skills of sailing; an introduction to the collision avoidance regulations (COLREGS); rigging and launching the boat unaided; reefing a sail; sailing at all points of sail with emphasis on boat trim and speed; sailing with other dinghies using the COLREGS; righting a capsized boat unaided; man–overboard recovery (unassisted).

Non–members rates are: adults Php 7,840; under 16s Php 5,600.

Members rates are: adults Php 5,600; under 16s Php 3,360


Advanced Sailing Courses includes a complete revision or demonstration by the student of the skills and knowledge required of the previous courses; an introduction to the racing rules; how to race, including signals, starting and penalties; practical racing against other dinghies over a variety of courses; sailing with a spinnaker (if conditions permit).

Non–members rates are: adults Php 7,840; under 16s Php 5,600

Members rates are: adults Php 5,600; under 16s Php 3,360

The Learn To Sail course fees include: tuition, course notes, personal safety equipment, dinghy hire, safety boat hire on the water at all times and certification.

Group and Family discount available on request

Contact the PGYC office today to learn to sail in Puerto Galera.

Come sail with us today:

Tel: 043 287-3401
Mobile: 0917 520-5874
or contact the yacht club

Sail Training Certficate



Half–day Wet Wednesday Sailing Experience:

Non–Members Php 500

Members Php 300

Meet at PGYC bar 1pm

Whole–day Wet Wednesday Sailing Experience: (includes lunch and 1 drink)

Non–members Php 1,000

Members Php 750

Call ahead to confirm whole or half day expedition:

Tel: 043 287-3401

Mobile: 0917 520-5874

Check out a recent Wet Wednesday Sailing Experience below . . .

Wet Wednesday Sailing Experience event


Come Sailing With Us

Are you already an experienced sailor and just want to rent a sailing dinghy for some fun on the water?

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club offers a sailing dinghy rental plan that can be tailored to your needs.

Sailing Dinghy Rental

Members’ rental per two hour session: *

Lawin Sailing Dinghy 1 or 2 persons – Php 1,120

Laser 14 single–handed, adult (or 2 youths) – Php 1,120

Hobie 14 single–handed, adult (or 2 youths) – Php 1,680

Non–Members’ rental per two–hour session hour: *

Lawin Sailing Dinghy 1 or 2 persons – Php 1,680

Laser 14 single–handed, adult (or 2 youths) – Php 1,680

Hobie 14 single–handed, adult (or 2 youths) – Php 2,240

Whole–day, multi–day and weekly rates available on request.

* all fees inclusive of government VAT

Lawin Dinghy

Come sail with us today:

Tel: 043 287-3401
Mobile: 0917 520-5874
or contact the yacht club


The Lawin Sailing Dinghy

The Lawin sailing dinghy has a sail plan similar to the famous Mirror dinghy. The Lawin sailing dinghy hull design features a whole bunch of innovative features to ensure students learn safely in a craft that is purpose built to handle coral reefs and other tropical hazards here in the Philippines.

Built at the yacht club by Philippine craftsmen in fiberglass, using materials and components sourced almost exclusively from around the Philippines, the Lawin Lawin sailing dinghy is the perfect dinghy for in–shore sailing off the beach or from a pier or pontoon.

Contact the PGYC office today for more information about purchasing a Lawin Lawin sailing dinghy for yourself or for your resort.

Sailing Dinghy For Sale


Other Sailing Courses In/Near Puerto Galera

Learn Windsurfing

If you already know how to sail a sailing dinghy and want to learn windsurfing. Learn windsurfing in Puerto Galera at the Sandbar Windsurfing School on Boquete Beach.

Telephone +63 43 706-3998 Email: sandbar@puertogalera.ph

windsurfing lessons puerto galera



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