Sponsorship Opportunities: All Souls Regatta

Any company or individual can become associated with the All Souls Regatta through sponsorship.

Sponsorship Value

More than 15,000 visitors will come to Puerto Galera during the holiday weekend around the 1st of November. Almost all of these visitors will see the yachts racing along the Verde Island Passage, that’s sponsorship value in itself. Many of these visitors will ask who, what and where?

Being part of the All Souls Regatta will ensure maximum exposure of your brand to visitors as they arrive at Muelle Pier by ferry. Banners concerning the event will be placed at strategic points around the pier and your company name will be there to galvanize brand awareness.

As a sponsor your logo will appear on the All Souls Regatta website. Your logo will have a link back to your own website, increasing the visibility and credibility of your website with search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

In fact, if you are not a sponsor of the All Souls Regatta then you will be missing the most cost effective sponsorship value opportunity in 2017 to associate your brand with one of the most exciting and environmentally friendly sports on the planet.

Sponsors Meet Race Participants

Sponsors not only get their brands emblazoned on promotional materials and banners for all to see, but they also get to meet the race participants during the yacht club functions, before and after racing.

The yacht club functions are the perfect venue to meet the race participants and to present your product to a motivated group of enthusiastic listeners, comprising some of the most influential players in the country. Sponsoring the All Souls Regatta is a networking opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

Corporate Social Responsibility

And, if you need a feel-good factor to support your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, know that all profits from the All Souls Regatta go to fund our Small Boats Program.

The Small Boats Program is a sailing school for youth. The sailing school provides free sail-training for all Puerto Galera school students. Learning to sail inculcates into the fertile minds of the students an appreciation for the need to protect our oceans and to provide sustainable tourism opportunities throughout the Philippines. By sponsoring the All Souls Regatta you will be recognized as supporting this learning process and ensuring that future generations continue to enjoy the world that we have today . . . and maybe even improve upon it, thanks to you.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are many. You can sponsor the event as a whole or gain focused exposure by sponsoring an individual race.

To sponsor the event as a whole you can choose the sponsorship-level based on your promotional resources. The are three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

To sponsor race you only need to decide what you want to say during the awards ceremony and what gifts you may wish to offer to the skippers and crew of the victorious yacht on the day.

For full details about sponsoring the All Souls Regatta, contact the Puerto Galera Yacht Club directly.

To contact the Puerto Galera Yacht Club please use:

If telephoning from overseas, please note that Puerto Galera is at GMT+8

Act today! The yacht club is constantly sending out fliers by email and sponsors are added just as soon as they sign up. The sooner you sign up the sooner you will start to receive the benefits of being associated with the All Souls Regatta.