Regatta Weather Forecast

The weather forecast for the Royal Cargo All Souls Regatta 2020 is for a steady northeast monsoon (amihan). High pressure is building over Siberia and pushing South into Mongolia – the push South should continue until the northeast monsoon has embraced most of the Philippines. This weather pattern is fully expected at the beginning of October and bodes well for superb sailing breezes in Puerto Galera, starting in the third week of October.

Once established over the West Pacific, the northeast monsoon can only be thwarted by the development of a tropical storm.

For more information about how to join the 2020 All Souls Regatta and enjoy similarly superb sailing weather, contact the Puerto Galera Yacht Club.

To contact the Puerto Galera Yacht Club please use:

If telephoning from overseas, please note that Puerto Galera is at GMT+8