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The Puerto Galera Yacht Club is excited to offer the sailing yacht GUINEVERE II - a Golden Gate/Farallon 30-foot keelboat. A tried and tested true blue-water sailing boat, the club is introducing her to its day-sailing and sailing course program, in addition to the current dinghy sailing course program.

Day Sailing Yacht & Video

Sailing Yacht Guinevere II

The video (opposite) shows S/Y Guinevere II sailing around Puerto Galera in October, crewed by our sailing school graduates. She is sturdy, easy to handle and faster than you might think, bearing in mind her size. Since her arrival in Puerto Galera S/Y Guinevere II has been entered in club races and won some of them, crewed by students recently graduated. A Sailing Certificate is offered at the end of each COURSE listed below

Yacht Availability & Rates

We are now offering the following new sailing opportunities and sailing courses in Puerto Galera. These courses are designed around the RYA cirricula, with special attention to safety & avoidance of collissions at sea:

Sailing Courses, Options & Rates December 2019
½ DAY SAIL 4 hours on the water with our staff. Good for folk who have finished diving and want some fun on the water before flying. 6,000   Maximum 6 persons. Just sit back and enjoy yourselves on a sail out into the Verde Island Passage. Food and drink can be arranged at extra charge.
1-DAY SAIL 8 hours, as above, but twice as much fun. 10,000   As above. Anchor somewhere nice for a swim and lunch?
½ DAY DISCOVER SAILING Brief introduction to the sport of sailing. Learn about boat safety and comfort; names of bits and pieces, and the basics of sailing and sail trim. 6,000 1,000 For those who are thinking about learning to sail but want to have a go first. This will be discounted from a full course fee if subsequently signed up.
DINGHY UPGRADE COURSE (2 DAYS) Safety, comfort, use of winches, jammers and lots of sailing practice in a bigger boat. 10,000 2,000 Already know how to sail a dinghy and want to upgrade? This is the one for you.
3-DAY BASIC SAILING COURSE Includes boat safety, comfort, names of parts, rig, sailing theory and lots of practice on the water. 15,000 5,000 For those with little or no experience who want to learn to sail in a bigger boat. All the basics are covered and will set the student well on the path to independent fun on the water.
5-DAY COMBINATION DINGHY/YACHT COURSE 2 days of basic instruction on a 2-person dinghy, followed by 3 days on the yacht. Covers all of the topics in other Basic Course. 10,000 10,000 Maybe the perfect way to learn how to sail. Start with the basics on a 2-person dinghy and move up to the bigger boat to practice more and stretch go faster!
2-DAY ADVANCED YACHT COURSE Cruising chute deployment and recovery, anchoring, dinghy handling & towing. 10,000 2,000 Must have completed 5-day course or provide proof of equivalent experience.

Notes & Restrictions

  • Club Member discount 20% off all Course Fees
  • Reciprocal Club Discount 10% off all Course Fees
  • Minimum age for sailing courses 14 years
  • Maximum 4 students per sailing course
  • Maximum passengers is 6 for half-day or full-day sailing


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