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Immigration And Customs Philippines

Philippine Immigration and Customs rules are administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs. For skipper and crew of sailing and cruising yachts visiting the Philippines it is possible to obtain a visitor’s visa in advance of travel from the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consular Services office in your country of departure. Visa requirements can be found at the Department of Foreign Affairs (“DFA”) website Visa Information.

Upon entry into the Philippines, from the West Pacific or the South China Sea, the crew of your yacht is required to register immediately with the nearest Philippine Coast Guard Station and submit the yacht/sailboat to Customs, Immigration and Quarantine inspections. There is an appropriate Philippine Coast Guard office at Batangas Port, Batangas, capable of achieving full check-in and QIC requirements. Hwoever, if Batangas Port is your most likely Port of Entry to the Philippines we strongly advise you to contact the Puerto Galera Yacht Club at least 14 days in advance so that we may assist your entry at Batangas Port. Batangas Port is approximately 15 NM North of Puerto Galera, at the head of Batangas Bay.

QIC requirements are currently:

  • Original copy of last port clearance
  • Photocopy of Quarantine clearance
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration
  • Photocopy of Crew List
  • Photocopy of Passports (info page & latest Phil. Immigration stamp)
  • statement of intended purpose in the Philippines, e.g. Tourism & Recreation
  • Fee Php115 (for CDS/BIR stamp)

If you have not applied for a visa in advance then you must report immediately to the nearest Bureau of Immigration ("BI") office upon entering Philippine waters; a 21 day visa-upon-arrival will usually be issued to holders of acceptable passports (see DFA website given above). BI offices around the country can be found on the BI website: BI - Subport Offices.

Extensions of stay visa are offered for periods of an initial visa extension of 30 days (and in 59 day increments thereafter) for holders of acceptable passports and can be applied for at the nearest BI office. The schedule of fees for VISA EXTENSION is given on the BI website. Temporary Visitors 9(a).

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