Subic Bay Dry Dock
Subic Bay Dry Dock Photo by: Martyn Willes

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Sail Repair In The Philippines

Repairing sails in the Philippines was once an easy task, with suitable sewing machines and operators located at repairers in Puerto Galera, Metro Manila, Subic Bay and Mactan (Cebu). Unfortunately, this is not that case today.

For simple sail repairs you may ask the Puerto Galera Yacht Club to make arrangements with a local repairer who has a sewing machine and thread designed for the task.

For more involved sail repairs, replacing a boltrope, re-cutting sails (and for new, replacement sails in a variety of exotic and conventional materials) you should contact Hyde Sails in Mactan (Cebu). Hyde Sails in Mactan is one of the main sail lofts of Hyde Sails UK and manufactures for export a wide range of racing sails and cruising sails for many production yachts. Hyde sails have set up a special email address to handle sail repair in the Philippines. Contact Hyde Sails using:

Yacht Repairs In Puerto Galera

Yacht repairs on a small scale can be easily accomplished in the Puerto Galera Yacht Club's workshop. More significant repairs to machinery and equipment can be brought to a number of local fabrication and repair workshops in the town of Puerto Galera or across the Verde Island Passage in Batangas City. Because the area around Puerto Galera is a designated Philippine marine reserve, beach haul-out is actively discouraged except at the ship repair yard on Dalaruan Beach or at Villaflor village along the coast, East towards Calapan. Also, the Puerto Galera Yacht Club polices a zero pollution policy for all yachts using the yacht club moorings in Muelle Bay, so yacht repairs that may result in discharges of pollutants and or debris into the water are prohibited.

Boat Lift


Travel Lift In The Philippines

The travel lift closest to Puerto Galera is located at Papaya Yacht Charter & Services, at Brgy. Papaya, Nasugbu, using the ex-Team New Zealand travel hoist (previously located Maya Maya Yacht Club). Approximate GPS location is: 14.176N 120.606E. Services offered are: haul out, below-waterline repairs and maintenance, engine overhaul and yacht storage. Contact: +63 920 925-9023

The next nearest travel lift is located at the Watercraft Venture in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo, Zambales. The next nearest Philippine travel lift is located at the Manila Yacht Club, where welcome is reserved mostly for club members and reciprocal club members.

Also, in Subic Bay, there is a haul-out facility using a crane. Especially popular with wide catamarans and maxi yachts because the costs and working arrangements are reported to be more flexible, compared to Watercraft Venture. Contact Translift Port and Equipment Services, telephone +63 918 366-4663 or +63 908 894-0622

Dry Dock In The Philippines

The nearest public dry dock is located in Subic Bay Freeport (see page top photograph), owned and operated by Subic Dry Dock Corporation, a long day-sail North of Puerto Galera, where almost any size of private or luxury yacht can be accommodated in one of two dry dock vessels.

South of Puerto Galera there is a dry dock at Jasaan, Cagayan de Oro city, operated by PICMW. Recent reports from yachts using the Jasaan dry dock are favourable both from a yacht-friendly stand point and also the cost was considered low compared to alternative dry dock facilities outside of the Philippines around Asia.

Yacht Chandlery In The Philippines

The most comprehensive range of yacht chandlery in the Philippines may be found at Broadwater Marine Yacht Chandlery outlets in Manila Bay, Subic Bay Freeport, Cebu Yacht Club and Boracay. Broadwater Marine also offers yacht chandlery by courier to anywhere a courier will travel in the Philippines. If you can't find what you are looking for there then you might try Al's Marine (Philippine Yamaha distributor) in Makati City or go rummaging in hardware shops of Quiapo, Manila City, many of which provide commercial-fishing-boat quality materials.

When it comes to yacht chandlery, the Philippines has it all but sometimes it is hard to find.


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