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How to get to Puerto Galera


Get To Puerto Galera By Sea

How to get to Puerto Galera by sea: we are privileged that so many ocean wanderers have sailed into the Puerto Galera Yacht Club over the years. We pick the brains of recent arrivals to Puerto Galera and gather new information from their passage into the Philippines, across the West Pacific and the South China Sea, en route to paradise. We soon expect to be able to provide a complete set of how to get to cruising routes to meet the needs of all yachtswo/men, no matter from what direction they approach. Revisit this page regularly to see how full the Puerto Galera Pilot has become or go to the Where to Stay in Puerto Galera section to find what to do once you get here.

Cruising Routes

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Notice To Mariners: 18th October 2010, Navigational Hazard

There currently exist power cables stretching across the North Channel / Batangas Channel into the typhoon shelter of Puerto Galera Harbour. The East end of the power cables are located in Barangay Dalaruan while the West end of the power cables are situated on Medio Island. The vertical clearance beneath is estimated to be 40 feet above high water. The power cables are a navigational hazard to tall vessels. The power cables are not lit and have no obvious markings or warning signs. We strongly recommend that all tall vessels entering and exiting Puerto Galera Typhoon Shelter do so via the West Channel / Manila Channel until further notice.

Notice To Mariners

Caution: If you arrive off Puerto Galera in the dark and have not navigated the inner bays before, we recommend that you anchor outside until daylight. Suitable overnight safe anchorage will be found: west of Paniquian Island, during the NE monsoon; and, in Varadero Bay, during the SW monsoon. By kind permission of the UK Hydrographic Office you can view a modified digital image of Admiralty chart A3559 "Anchorages in Luzon, Mindoro and Marinduque" and locate the safe anchorages mentioned and also the recommended safe route to the club moorings in Muelle Bay.

Clicking on the thumbnail image (right) for a free download of the chart -- the full image (approx. 365 KB) will display within a few seconds. Using dial-up? be patient.This digital image should be used for reference only and not for navigation.

Admiralty Chart A3559

Get To Puerto Galera By Car/Bus

Updated Apr 2024 How to get to Puerto Galera by car or bus: For many years the idea of travelling to Puerto Galera over land was akin to planning to ascend Mt. Everest; today there are so many choices to go to Puerto Galera and it takes so little time to get here that the only remaining question is: which mode of transport would you prefer today? Recommended bus lines and ferry schedules to Puerto Galera are in the free downloadable How To Get To Puerto Galera guides. Whichever route you choose, don't forget to be at the yacht club on Saturday evening for the Bar-B-Q. Use the free how to get to Puerto Galera travel guides listed here.

Fly To Puerto Galera

Updated Apr 2024 To get to Puerto Galera by air: find out which airlines will get you to us fast by using the "fly to Puerto Galera" website page. Once you have landed at Manila NAIA, you have a choice of flying here direct by seaplane or boarding a private hire car or bus to get you to Batangas Port and onto the ferry.

Or, you can fly by charter seaplane or helicopter. If you want to fly by charter seaplane or helicopter, then click the "by Air Charter" link on the right.

Moving To Puerto Galera?

Thinking of moving to Puerto Galera? You will need to find a property and a first class moving and storage company. Check out the Puerto Galera Property classified ads section on this website for available property for sale.

Puerto Galera is a superb place to retire or to purchase a holiday home. Before making any investment in property in Puerto Galera you should first read the Guidance For Safe Investment In Real Estate / Property In The Philippines notes that we have prepared.

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