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Marine Radio Frequencies Services

Puerto Galera Yacht Club - the club radio frequency is Marine VHF 68 and is ordinarily manned from 08:00 to 20:00 daily. Due to the location of the club's radio antenna it is not possible to provide uninterrupted reception/transmission across the Verde Island Passage. The yacht club and the service boat may be hailed for information and assistance within the expanse of Puerto Galera Bay.

Brunei Bay Radio - has daily broadcasts of weather forecast, typhoon warnings and Maritime Safety Information warnings (e.g. navigation lights out, logs in water, survey vessels towing cables etc.) for all of SE Asia, including the Philippines and the South China Sea. Brunei Bay Radio is also the regional gateway for the worldwide, not-for-profit, SailMail network, providing a low cost HF SSB radio e-mail service for recreational vessels. To check the latest services, broadcasts frequencies/channels and times, click here to go directly to the Brunei Bay Radio website.

South East Asian Maritime Net (formerly Rowdy's Net) - is primarily for yachts cruising the West Pacific, West Philippine Sea, Indian Ocean and South China Sea (Japan to Diego Garcia - Hong Kong to Australia), maintaining contacts between yachts and providing information on weather forecasts, typhoon warnings and security/piracy/emergency situations. It provides daily maritime contact for yachts at 0025 GMT on 14,323 MHz; weather forecasts at 0055 GMT.


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