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Philippines Weather | Puerto Galera Weather

Here is the current weather forecast for Puerto Galera and the Philippines, presented in dynamic form. You can select a future forecast for up to seven days, and also change the overlay from wind to alternatively view: waves, temperature, pressure and precipitation.

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Puerto Galera Weather NOW

South East Asia Weather satelliteGet the Philippines weather picture from space - hourly infra-red satellite imagery for Puerto Galera, the Philippines, West Pacific, West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea:
Kochi University, Japan


Joint Typhoon Warning Center Typhoon Philippines Warning Advisory

This Joint Typhoon Warning Center link provides early warning of tropical storms and typhoons by indicating locations where the weather conditions are currently conducive to the formation of tropical storms and typhoons.

Typhoon Philippines WARNINGS

typhoon Philippines


Receive PHILIPPINES TYPHOON WARNINGS ALERTS for typhoons & tropical storms that may directly affect Puerto Galera and other popular Philippine water sports and sailing areas.

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For typhoon warnings, the last known position, expected track and typhoon strike probability of current tropical storms affecting Puerto Galera, the West Pacific, West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea we recommend:

Joint Typhoon Warnings Center is the primary data source for typhoon warnings, typhoon strike probability and tropical storms tracking, for Puerto Galera, the West Pacific, the West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center data is used by almost all other typhoon warnings websites - we recommend you visit this source first;

NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division (showing typhoon-track graphics, strike probability the latest satellite picture of typhoons and tropical storms);


Philippines Weather

Philippine weather, for sailing, has two distinct seasons: Northeast monsoon "Amihan" winds, from November to April; and, Southwest monsoon "Habagat" winds, from May to October. Tropical storms and typhoons (hurricanes / cyclones) may affect Philippines weather at any time of year but most frequently from April through to November; typhoons almost never affect the sailing around Mindanao, because it is too far South, creating excellent cruising opportunities from Samal Island (in the Davao Gulf), around the East coast to Dapitan (Zamboanga Del Norte) and through the southern Visayan region (Bohol through Negros to southern Palawan).

Because the Philippines is so strategically located, between the West Pacific, the West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea (with many shipping lanes and air corridors), Puerto Galera weather forecasts, Philippine weather forecasts and typhoon warnings are available through a myriad of different weather forecast sources.

Puerto Galera weather forecasts and Philippines weather forecasts contain hourly, six hourly, daily and weekly weather forecasts & updates, including satellite imagery, barometric weather charts and weather webcams.

You may also be interested in additional Philippine weather information about weather features and phenomenon related to Puerto Galera Weather & its micro climates, Monsoon Weather and the answer the question What Is A Typhoon? Enjoy!

Philippines Weather FORECASTS

For very long range Puerto Galera weather forecasts of potentially active tropical storms you should visit the Tropical Storm Risk website, which offers predictions primarily for the purpose of insurance risk assessment but it is a useful resource for all.
Tropical Storm Risk

The Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center ("FNMOC") of the U.S. Military, provides a seven day forecast of wind at various levels above the sea surface in the West Pacific, West Philippine Sea and South China Sea. The streamline graphics are useful to identify wind features that are not immediately obvious from barometric charts; combined with barbs, overlaid on colored wind-intensity graphics, this weather forecast tool provides a visual overview of likely wind conditions:
FNMOC West Pacific

For seven day Puerto Galera weather forecasts - wind direction/strength, wave height, temperature and cloud - and for many other Philippine windsurfing and water sports destinations, the WindGuru gives some pretty accurate weather forecasts at:

For another view of the wind direction/strength and wave height weather forecasts for the Philippines, the West Pacific, West Philippine Sea and South China Sea, the Windfinder gives wind & water sports enthusiasts colourful seven day weather forecasts at:

Forecast information sites that provide Philippine weather forecasts of particular interest to surfers and power boat owners, including wind speed, swell height & period weather forecasts:

For links to other weather information & weather forecasts relating to the Philippines, the West Pacific, West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea try rummaging through:


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