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Puerto Galera Weather & Its Micro Climates

Puerto Galera weather for much of the year is influenced by micro climates resulting from the steep-sided mountains of Mindoro Island that dominate the island's interior.

During the northeast monsoon (amihan) months the mountains of Mindoro create a distinct contrast in Puerto Galera weather: between Puerto Galera's island beaches and peninsula beaches. Along the Puerto Galera island beaches there may be rain clouds brewing in the mountains, casting intermittent shadows and the occasional sprinkling of rain, at the same time the Puerto Galera peninsula beaches enjoy almost unlimited sunshine.

During the southwest monsoon (habagat) the mountains of Mindoro ensure that Puerto Galera weather around the island beaches, the golf course and the mountain trails receive maximum rainfall to keep them lush and verdant. The peninsula beaches receive the minimum of rainfall and remain attractive as year-round Philippine holiday destinations, especially for scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing and windsurfing.

If you want weather that helps you enjoy the beach and the sea with less direct sunshine then choose the popular Puerto Galera islands beaches: White Beach, Aninuan Beach, Talipanan Beach. If you want weather that helps you enjoy the maximum sunshine along the beaches then choose from the most popular Puerto Galera peninsula beaches: Big Lalaguna Beach, Small La Laguna Beach, Sabang Beach and Sinandigan (Coral Cove); coincidentally Puerto Galera's best scuba diving areas are located nearest to the peninsula beaches where you get the sunniest weather throughout the year.

Whatever your passion, Puerto Galera weather has something for everyone.

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