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October 27

25th Anniversary Souvenir Publication

Download the PGYC 25th Anniversary Souvenir Publication and read about the 2nd oldest yacht club in the Philippines.

The Puerto Galera Yacht Club has become synonymous with the fun side of the sport of sailing for 25 years. Through regattas, rallies and Wet Wednesday sailing experiences the club has offered the sport of sailing and the spirit of camaraderie among nations to all corners of the Philippine archipelago and far beyond.

The yacht club dinghy sailing program (the “Small Boat Program”) has taught hundreds of children the basics of the sport of sailing for little or no charge. Three of the program's graduates have gone on to become members of the elite Philippine Olympic Sailing Team while two others have become PGYC sailing instructors.

Over the years the PGYC membership has included noblemen, kings of industry as well as down to Earth sailors of every gender, nationality and religion.

It is all here in the 25th Anniversary Souvenir Publication . . .

PGYC 25 Years

. . . download the online edition now (file size 3.6MB) for no charge; the glossy, collectable, printed version will be available for order & delivery soon

Alternatively you can flick through the publication through the following website: flick through PGYC 25 Years

Want to pre-order the printed version? Click this link to request from the yacht club.


October 3

Club Member Carl Johan Broqvist

Carl Broqvist_DSC4799 2016”Photo credit to Peter Oxley”

Carl's love of Diving and the Sea started in his youth but his ambition was achieved when he went to Taiwan in the early 90s and purchased a newly built Tayana 42 ketch, called Chom II.

After many adventures on the China coast, he first sailed into Puerto Galera in 1992, just after the Yacht Club started, but early enough for him to acquire mooring A9, for his yacht.

He than sailed to Thailand, before returning a few years later and making Puerto Galera his home.

During this period he chartered Chom II to tourist visitors and was proud of the fact he had obtained a Mayors Permit which authorized him to do so.

Finally he sold Chom II and became a partner in Pirate Cove Resort, Palangan. Actively building the cottages and other facilities on the site. Later I acquired the adjoining land becoming his neighbour.

Always a willing and active member of the Club, Carl would dive moorings, build pier steps, clear coral from the channel, sign cheques, sell advertising and many other things to help keep the Club on track.

Some time in this period, he started Rock & Roll bar on Muelle Pier with his good friend Ingemar. I would add that he knew Ingemar from his yacht chartering days and they remain very close friends until now.

For many years Carl would let his white beard grow long throughout the year, don his red outfit and become Santa Claus each Christmas.

Travelling in an owners jeep he would go from barangay to barangay distributing rice, food and toys to the less well-off members of the community.

His party trick for New Year was to shave off the beard, dye his hair black and sit at the bar. When people chattered to him he would say he was “Carl’s brother from Sweden” !

Carl's nickname was 'Kalle'. In Sweden there is caviar in a tube, much loved for breakfast, called Kalle.

For many years I have sailed in the Baltic in the summer.

High on my shopping list were tubes of this delicious product to bring back for him.

Plus of course his vodka!

After he sold Chom II he enjoyed crewing on Tayana Lady, said this was the yacht he planned to buy but was persuaded to take the Vancouver 42. Together with Tony the 3 of us easily qualified as the oldest average crew.

Carl was always willing to help, when we decided to take off 20 years of antifouling he crewed the yacht to Subic and supervised the scrapping and painting between his beloved 'smokes'.

He leaves 4 daughters in his Swedish family and numerous friends in the Philippines. He will be much missed by all.

On 17 September 2016, a small fleet of yachts flying Swedish flags, and filled with his friends, motored out into the Verde Island passage. A Bosun'sCall piped a salute and his ashes were set free for his last voyage on the sea he loved.

”Words from Mike Tucker”   IMG_7689 P1080590 2 IMG_7710 IMG_7680 IMG_7698

PGYC Easter Regatta 2016

PGYC Easter Regatta 2016

This year’s PGYC Easter Regatta attracted a strong fleet of 18 yachts, including the Making Time, a 53ft Oyster owned and skippered by Paul and Vivienne Gayton from Hong Kong, making their first visit to Puerto Galera at the start of their world cruise.

The Puerto Galera, a 52ft Formosa Ketch owned and skippered by Grant and Susan Pace from the Philippines was a first time entrant to a PGYC regatta, but as the name suggests will be making her home here and we expect to see much more of them in future regattas.

PGYC’s newly acquired Flagship, Anthea, the vintage 1929 8-metre (8mR) owned by John Quirk, was sporting her new colours, sails and rigging. Superbly skippered by PGYC elder statesmen, Russ Hughes, with Peter Stevens, and Viggo Lison, she took first place in the cruising class on Day 2 and Day 3.

Aberdeen Boat Club Commodore, Chris Pooley, and his ABC crew from Hong Kong, now a regular participants in the PGYC regattas, were back again and sailing Alan Burrell’s Rags.

For the first time in many years the winds gods took a holiday on the first day of the PGYC Easter Regatta and for the first time in history not one of the 18 starters finished in the allotted time on Day 1.

Appropriate offerings were made and large quantities of alcohol consumed, compliments of Asia Breweries, to ensure fair winds the following day, and just in case the course was also shortened. Fair winds did indeed prevail and the fleet finished in record time.

First in Racing Class was Cocobolo followed by Rags. Myg II was first in the Multi-hull Class, followed by Tiamat, with Bella Hu in third place. Cruising Class was led by Anthea, closely followed by Cardea and Columbus.

Day 3 saw another shortened course, but winds picking up to bring the entire fleet home within 30 minutes of each other.

Hong Kong’s ABC crew in Rags took the honours in Racing Class with Cocobolo second and Sandoway third. Tiamat and Myg II swapped positions with Tiamat taking a very convincing first place, and Bella Hu was again third in the Multi-hull Class. As previously mentioned Anthea took first place for the second day in Cruising Class, followed by Princess Arietta and Cardea in third place.

Overall results, somewhat compromised by the lack of winds on the first day of sailing, saw Taimat in first place, with Rags second and Cocobolo third.

The other entrants in the PGYC Easter Regatta were:

  • Xiao Long, owned and sailed by the Leggatt family, including 85 year-old Sheila and the 12 year old twins - one sporting a broken arm,
  • Aragorn,  owned and skippered by Gundolf Ahrens
  • Karis, skippered by  Colin Maclean with Commodore Bob Johnson on board
  • Myg II, skippered by Vincent Ruais, and with undoubtably the best looking crew
  • Sandoway, skippered by Alan Burrell with his wife Suzie and crewed by a cast of thousands
  • Forever Young, skippered by Frank Radstake, with a crew that included seven of our SBP under-10 sailors
  • Makani Loa, skippered by Joemar and another group of SBP kids
  • Making Time, owned and skippered by Paul and Vivienne Gayton from Hong Kong
  • The Puerto Galera, owned and skippered by Grant and Susan Pace from the Philippines
  • Dai Mouse, owned by Peter and Chiquita Salmon

And in the winners circle:

  • Tiamat skippered by Jeff Williams with his large and colourful crew
  • Chris Pooley and the ABC crew from Hong Kong back again this year on Rags
  • Cocobolo skippered by Ton Van Hierden
  • Anthea, the vintage 1929 8-metre owned by John Quirk and skippered by PGYC elder statesmen, Russ Hughes, with Peter Stevens, and Viggo Lison
  • Princess Arietta, skippered by Dale Godkin, and his vocal crew
  • Cardea, skippered by Jim Todd, long term friend of PGYC, and famous for his Bloody Mary’s
  • Bella Hu, possibly the smartest entry in the fleet this year, who enjoyed swimming across the finish line each day
  • Columbus and the Ancient Mariners, Fitz and Trish

Apologies from Kerida and owner Garry Kingshott, who was unable to get boat parts cleared by customs in time

Many thanks to MV Further's Brian Clavert conducted an impromptu auction of cases of Asia Breweries Colt 45 to raise more than 10,000 pesos for the PGYC’s Small Boat Program


PGYC Easter Regatta results


Vintage 8-Metre Anthea to become the PGYC “flag yacht”

8mR Anthea

The vintage 8-Metre racer Anthea, has been a regular visitor to Puerto Galera and a participant in the PGYC regattas for the past 10 years. Owned American shipwright and yachtsman, Gary Pione, she has been sailed, mostly single-handedly, by Gary across the Pacific since he bought her in Hawaii almost 20 years ago. In recent years he has cruised between the Philippines and Palau on a regular basis.

Anthea was recently purchased by PGYC board member, John Quirk, and Gary has returned to the US and purchased a Freedom 35, aboard which he plans to explore the Caribbean and South America.

Anthea is to be permanently moored in Puerto Galera and John has generously offered her to the PGYC as the Club's 'flag yacht" for use in PGYC Small Boat Program advanced yacht training program, alongside the Club's Sloop GII. She will also be available for members and guests use and will be regularly raced in the Club's regattas.

Anthea was built in 1929 and is a Camper & Nicholson 8-Metre (8mR) yacht. Originally built for, and raced by H. G. Sicklemore, then President and later Commodore of the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, she raced in and won the RCYC Club Regatta in her class, that same year.

After the WWII Anthea was shipped to Long Beach, California, where she underwent a refit and was used as a pleasure craft and raced in the occasional regatta. In 1967 she was bought by the Barker family and sailed regularly as the family yacht off the California coast.

In the early 70s Anthea again changed hands and moved to Hawaii where she was later bought by Gary Shipp and Kevin Hood, in 1988, and underwent a major two–year refit. Gary Pione, who had worked on the refit and renovation, bought her 10 years later in 1998, and eventually brought her to Puerto Galera.

Notably Anthea, with Gary at the helm, is credited with the world’s longest 8-Metre spinnaker run of 500 miles between Fiji and Tabalou in 2002.

The 8-metre Class (8mR)

The 8-Metre rule was the first internationally recognized racing class established in 1907, and an Olympic Class from 1908 to 1933. They have traditionally been the yacht of choice of aristocrats and captains of industry.

The Royal families of Spain, Norway and Sweden raced in these yachts and the Rothschild family bought their first 8-Metre in 1924, while today’s generation now own a modern, wing keel aluminum 8-Metre.

Other famous 8-Metre owners included the Duchess of Windsor, Baron Alfred Krupp von Bohlen of Germany, Marcus Wallenberg jr of Sweden, Carl Siemens of Germany and Virginie Hériot of France and, more recently, Ted Turner and the Aga Khan. Many famous designers also owned their personal 8-Metres, including William Fife, Charles Nicholson and Sir Glen Coates.

Today the class is very much alive and each year a core of some 70 classic yachts race for the ‘Sira Cup’, donated in 1983 by King Olav V of Norway, and the modern yachts race for the ‘World Cup’ and ‘European Cup’. More then 90 years after this first international sailing class was established new yachts are still under construction. The modern 8-Meters have wing keels, trim flaps, sail computers, mylar and spectra rigs and race alongside the race–tuned classics.

Approximately 500 8-Metre boats were built between 1907 to the present, with 177 of them still sailing today, including Anthea’s sister yacht, Timo Saalastis’ Sagitta. Anthea is a registered member of the International Eight Metre Association (IEMA). For more information see www.8mr.org .


PGYC Small Boat/Sail Training Program

Without doubt the PGYC Small Boat Program (SBP) is one of our most popular and growing programs. Started in 2004, the SBP has created an important bond between the yacht club and the Puerto Galera community at large. The goal was to offer a basic sailing course to all Puerto Galera school children for free, financed by building a sailing school that would offer a range of fees-based sailing courses to everyone else in one of the most beautiful bays in the World.

In 2015, the number of visiting family groups, couples and individuals, local youth and student groups who took part in the SBP courses, continued to increase, keeping our SBP staff and volunteers very busy. Five student groups, from Hong Kong, Manila, China and Dubai - a total of 129 young sailors - participated in special SBP courses created for each group. The total income generated from the Sail Training Program was more than 699,000 pesos, and is already set to exceed that in 2016.

Our pool of local young sailors now number more than 40 and, as well as participating in the SBP on a weekly basis, provide assistance and support to the visiting groups and activities. Last year’s Dubai American Academy group were back again in late February 2016, with another 22 students; and, the Propeller Club will be bringing another group of 22 under-privileged children from Manila again during this coming April.

Another recent, notable achievement has been the upgrading of our 10 Lawin dinghies and the purchase of a new dinghy, bringing the SBP fleet to 11 Lawin dinghies; plus 10 international-class Optimist training dinghies, one Laser and a 14-foot Hobie catamaran.

One of the goals of the SBP is to provide young sailors with the training and experience to enable them pursue careers as professional yacht crew or as sail training staff at other yacht clubs in the Philippines. Several of our young sailors have moved on in this way and most recently SBP instructors Joseph and Limuel have both graduated to employment as crew on visiting yachts.

In keeping with the SBP policy of promoting our most promising sailors up through the ranks, Milky Labarete and Anthony Evangelista have taken over as the SBP principal Instructors. Milky stated with the PGYC program 10 years ago when she was 9 years old. Anthony joined the program nine years ago when he was 12 years old.

Both have extensive sailing experience on dinghies and yachts, having worked first as assistant instructors and then full instructors on various SBP student programs. They have both competed successfully in the Inter-school and SBP regattas, and Milky had her first sailing competition in Bacolod in 2011, with the Philippine National Games (PNG) Optimist Division. She has also competed and placed in the Sea-Ex Optimist Division and PNG Mirror Dinghy Division. More about Milky and Anthony later in this piece.

Our Expanding Fleet

In addition to the dinghies, laser and Hobie, the PGYC’s training fleet now includes two keelboats.

Guinevere II (GII), the Club’s 30 foot sloop enjoyed a prosperous year, generating more than 174,652 pesos from members and guests for advanced sailing courses and our, increasing popular, “Sail Starter” full-day and half-day cruises. GII also underwent a number of upgrades in 2015, including cabin and head facilities, engine overhaul and anti-fouling.

Gary Poine’s classic 8-metre sloop Anthea was recently purchased by Board member John Quirk, and he has generously allowed this vintage 1929 international racer to be added to the SBP fleet for sail training and as a “gentleman’s regatta and day sailer”.

More on Anthea and her formidable history elsewhere on the website and newsletter.

Meet Two Of Our Sailing Instructors

sailing instructors

Milky Labarete (19 years old) was born at Santo Niño, Puerto Galera, in 1996. Her family is based in Santo Niño where they have a mini-store at the roadside.

She took her elementary at Santo Niño Elementary, secondary at Puerto Galera Academy and accomplished one semester at Manila Tytana College (2013), studying Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Marketing. Because of financial issues she stopped her academic study and returned to Puerto Galera to live with her parents.

She started sailing when she was 9 years old (Grade V student). She was ask by some friends to go sailing on a weekend and she now loves the sport.

She had her first sailing competition in Bacolod, in 2011, with the Philippine National Game (PNG) Optimist division. She is also one of the participants for Sea-Ex in the Optimist division and PNG for Mirror dinghy division. She is also crew on bigger boats and extra instructor at PGYC, when we have some school group sailing activities. She also joins the SBP regatta activities.

When she stopped her academic study, she took work at Chicken Inasal, on White Beach, as waitress, and seasonally she is an extra waitress at PGYC, at the Easter Regatta and All Souls Regatta 2015.

She's learned a lot of things in sailing and she is proud to say that she is now part of PGYC, to train other local kids and guests.

Anthony Evangelista (21 years old) from Santo Niño, Puerto Galera,  is now living with his girlfriend and one daughter.

He took his elementary at Santo Niño Elementary, secondary at Puerto Galera National High School and had a vocational course in Municipal Development Technical and Vocational Institute (MDTVI 2012-2013), for Food and Beverage. His first job was trainee at Buri Resort and Spa. Anthony has worked as assistant cook at Casa Mia for a few months.

He started sailing when he was 12 years old (Grade VI student). He learned from his friends how to sail the Optimist and Mirror dinghy. When he became aware of the sailing, he started to compete in the inter-school regatta and SBP regatta. By virtue of his sailing, he has found work on different boats when they are in Puerto Galera, such as: Siriya, as crew for one month; Stargazer, in 2014; and, Zenity, last Oct–Dec 2015.

He is an extra instructor at PGYC when we have some school groups and sailing activities and classes.

At first it was hard to learn for Anthony but he started enjoying sailing and especially teaching the other local kids how to sail.


Air Juan The Only Way To Go (To Puerto Galera)

Air Juan seaplane

by Patricia Healy

Fitz and I flew back from Manila on Monday with Air Juan, the new seaplane service from Manila to various island destinations, and I have to tell you it is THE ONLY WAY TO GO - stunning views all the way, but none to rival our very own lovely Puerto Galera bay as we flew in.

We really do live in one of the World’s most beautiful bays.

The agent I used was Jessica, they are very flexible with the schedule. They asked if we had to fly at a specific time. Initially we were booked to leave Manila at 09:00hrs, then on Sunday she called again to ask if we could put our departure back to 11:00hrs, as they had a large group to collect from Busuanga.

The only drop off point in Puerto Galera is in front of Elizabeth’s Hideaway, which is very convenient for those of us from the PGYC, but others will need to arrange a banca, trike of car pick-up.

The fare is still the original special fare of P4,500 per person, one way.

The planes carry 9 passengers, but Fitz and I were the only passengers down to Puerto Galera, and no-one got on at the Puerto end as we watched it take off again. The pilot did tell us he was going on to Coron to collect another load of that same group.

So the good news is that they are very flexible with the schedule, at this time.

The flight takes 30 minutes. It is amazing to leave Manila at 11am and then be back in my house with the laundry on and lunch eaten by noon.

The best way to contact Air Juan is through their website: www.airjuan.com. They are working on an online payment system. At present you must pay by bank transfer or, as we did, pay at the dock prior to departure.

We both highly recommend the flight.

Air Juan seaplane


Extreme winds for the PGYC Annual Golf Tournament

Puerto Galera golf

The PGYC annual golf tournament took place this week at Ponderosa Golf Club high in the hills above Puerto Galera. However the two-day event had to be reduced to a single day due to the extremely adverse weather conditions that forced the cancellation of the game on the first day.

Even thought the sun won through on the second day of play and the rain stopped, wild wind conditions with gusts of 35 knots and more made for some very challenging play. Caddies were kept very busy chasing balls into the thick jungle that surrounds the mountainous course and searching for plugged balls in fairways that had been awash with torrential rain the day before.

The weather conditions also kept numbers down and instead of the usual 12-15 players we were down to just six hardy souls. These were (left to right) Ex-Commodore, John Hyndman, Gary Findlay, Goran Rudelius, Bo Frank Nielsen, Anthony Zurawicz and Terry Duckham.

Two games were played and the overall scores combined to provide the results.

Anthony Zurawicz won the overall gross competition with a score of 68 (32 /36) and Goran Rudelius took the prize for the overall net score based on handicap with a 58 (28 /30). John Hyndman won the closest-to-the-pin award for his well-placed lob onto the second hole and Terry Duckham took the best net round award with a net of 27.

Ponderosa caddies Alvin Cantos, Reynaldo Anilao and Henry Ferrer took first, second and third place with gross scores of 41,43 and44 respectively, in the caddies tournament held earlier in the week.

The Ponderosa course is a nine-hole, Par 30-course and the PGYC play golf at the Ponderosa Golf Club every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. All members and guests are welcome to play. Please contact the PGYC office for details.

Image Captions:

1. PGYC tournament competitors (left to right): John Hyndman, Gary Findlay, Goran Rudelius, Bo Frank Nielsen, Anthony Zurawicz and Terry Duckham

2. Tournament winners (left to right): Goran Rudelius, Alvin Cantos and Anthony Zurawicz

3. The winners of the caddies competition, Alvin Cantos, Reynaldo Anilao and Henry Ferrer, with Ponderosa Golf Club Manager, Joanne Anilao

The Dubai Amercian Academy Returns

Dubai Academy

In the last week in February, El Galleon resort and PGYC once again hosted the Dubai American Academy students on their annual visit to the Philippines and Puerto Galera. Twenty two students participated in a three day Basic Sailing Program, and nine students completed Open Water and Advanced diving certificates.

The weather varied from sunshine to rain with varying wind conditions, but this did not stop the students from having a lot of fun and learning their sailing skills in the Club’s fleet of Lawin dinghies. 

This year the program was held of the beach property generously provided by David Balman in Dalaruan.  The venue provides a safe place to launch, retrieve and sail, and is protected from the busy ferry and banca traffic in other parts of the Bay. It proved a popular choice with both participants and instructors - thank you David, we'll be back!

A special thank you to all our local SBP sailors who assisted our coaches Milky and Anthony. We were all very proud of their professionalism and the support they all provided to our international guests. 

Our thanks also to club members, Colin McLean, Daryl Calvert and our Commodore Bob Johnson for their assistance with safety boats and beach marshaling for the 3 days.

Congratulations to the New PGYC Board for 2016

Bob Johnson, PGYC’s very able Vic-Commodore in 2015 has stepped up to take the helm in 2016. He is supported by Jurgen Langemeier and Ron “Fitz” Fitzpatrick as Vice-Commodores, with Jim Frazer as Treasurer. Together they will make up the Excom ( Executive Committee ) to handle the day to day decision needed to manage and run the club efficiently.

Jurgen will continue to be responsible for Clubhouse & Grounds, while Fitz’s Food & Beverage portfolio continues.

John Quirk will be take over a the new Commercial portfolio, while Miker Tucker continues as Director of Marine Operations, Daryl Calvert will take over as Director of the Small Boat Program, Terry Duckham will be responsible for Communications, Media and Membership and Alan Solley will be the Dirctor of Sailing Events.

It is going to be a busy year this year with our new office already completed and operational, extensions and renovations of the bathrooms and a new Small Boat Training & Strategy Room in the works.

The small boat program goes from strength to strength with a number of international and local schools booked into the program for courses, while individual and family walk-in and advance bookings continue to grow. Please see the Small Boat Program article for more information.

This year, 2016, marks the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the FCC and plans are underway for a gala celebration over the All Souls Regatta weekend. More on that in separate updates, but anyone who would like to help and/or offer sponsorship for the celebrations are most welcome. Please contact Bob Johnson (Bob Johnson commodore.pgyc@gmail.com) or Alma (Alma Bunquin almabunquin@yahoo.com.ph) for more information.

Making For Marinduque

Marinduque rally

A cruise in company organized by the Puerto Galera Yacht Club has helped to put the island of Marinduque on the “must see” list for sailors cruising the Philippines.

Recently, nine yachts joined forces to make the passage from Puerto Galera to Marinduque, with an optional overnight stop in the bay at Laiya, which is home to a number of up-market resorts on the Luzon coast.

The total distance of the four to five day cruise, depending on stopovers, was a little over 100 nautical miles and offered a choice of passages on either the Luzon or the Mindoro side of Verde Island. Naturally at northeast monsoon time there’s some windward slogging on the way out from Puerto Galera, but it’s an easy down hill slide home.

The best Marinduque landing point is at Balacanan, a stunningly beautiful bay which is home to the island’s busy ferry terminal and provides a safe anchorage for visiting yachts with easy access to the shore facilities. The harbor and anchorage should be noted as a good typhoon shelter.

On arrival night, the 40 sailors who joined the Marinduque adventure were treated royally by the locals, who helped put on a BBQ near the pier and offered traditional welcoming songs followed by a night of beer and karaoke.

A short shore excursion included a scenic 15 kilometer jeepney ride to the town of Boac - the island’s capital.

Boac is a tourist attraction in itself with its restored cathedral fortress, dating back to the 17th century and days of Moro-pirate raids, and traditional ancestral houses resplendent with carved wooden facades and original capiz-shell windows.

The town gets top marks from the visitors for its cleanliness, choice of shops and restaurants and a distinct lack of tourist hordes. A favorite eatery is Kasina Sa Plaza which claims to be the home of authentic Marinduque food. Rally participants voted its Spanish paella their favorite dish.

The island is also home to spectacular cave system. The Bathala caves and subterranean river near Santa Cruz are said to be a mystical repository for psychic power.

The success of this rally has prompted the PGYC to develop a rally schedule for 2016 that will kick-off with Chinese New Year rally in February.

Royal Cargo All Souls Regatta 2015

All Souls Regatta Winners

PGYC’s annual three-day Royal Cargo All Souls Regatta was first launched in 2004 and has firmly established itself as the premium yacht racing event in the Philippines. A total of 30 yachts competed in the 2014 event and the number of yachts scheduled for 2015 was set to exceed that. Unfortunately two separate and tragic events resulted in three well-known and popular figures from Philippine sailing community and their yachts being absent. Regardless, 26 yachts competed last year, many more than participate in any other race in the country, or for that matter in most other Southeast Asian countries.

The sailing conditions during the All Souls weekend are rarely anything but ideal, with the steady 20-25 knot nor’easterly Amihan making for brisk sailing conditions across the Verde Island Passage and off the coast of Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro. Strong tides and uncooperative currents are another matter altogether and can make the PGYC courses both challenging and extremely frustrating for even the most experienced yachtsman.

Competing in the PYC Class were Aragorn skippered by Gundolf Ahrens, Xia Long by Paul Leggatt, Guinvere II by Peter Stevens and crewed by the local kids from the PGYC Small Boat Program, Karis by Colin Maclean, Columbus by Ron Fitzpatrick, Free Wheeler by David Wheeler, Saltania by Anthony Zurawicz, Princess Arieta by Dale Godkin, Amihan by Brian Richardson, Slalom Glade by Goran Rudelis, Dai Mouse by Peter Salmon and Anthea by Gary Pione.

Six yachts competed in the Multi-Hull Division; Zenity skippered by Rick White, Kierida by Gary Kingshott, MYG 2 by Vincient Ruais, Bella Hu by Hu Che and Siriya by Kareem Magill and Jeff Williams.

The ever competitive Racing Class was made up of Karakoa skippered by Ray Ordoveza and Joe Hagedorn, Cocobolo by Ton Van Heirden, China Rose by Aberdeen Boat Club Commodore Chris Pooley, Rags by Alan Burell, Emocean by Michael Raeuber, Magic Lady by Keitaru Kurihara, Socerer by Austen Chamberlain and Sandoway raced by an all Australia crew up from downunder for their third Royal Cargo All Souls Regatta.

A winch accident on the first day left Sorcerer skipper Austen Chamberlain with a broken arm and mangled hand, forcing the yacht to retire and Austen to hospital for treatment. Happily he is well on his way to full recovery.

The first day of racing saw fierce completion in all classes with the majority of yachts battling it out to the finish line off Haligi Beach. The second day saw another hard fought race down to Verde Island and back with another close packed fleet jostling at the finish line.

Rain on the third day failed to dampen the spirits of the crews and good winds saw most of the yachts over the line by 2pm.

Full race results are published below, but overall winners were Michael Raeuber's Emocean in first place, Goran Rudelis’ Slalom Glade in second place, with Kareem Magill’s Siriya finishing in third place over the three-day regatta.


All Souls Regatta 2015 results


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