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Cruiser News

The Cruiser News magazine started life as a very thin edition in 2002 and grew to become the most significant sailing publication in the Philippines through to 2008. Regrettably, as the World financial markets imploded, and nearly destroyed the rest of humanity in the process, the advertising support for the publication diminished and the club could not continue to subsidize the Cruiser News's production. Please enjoy what was the best of the best, for as long as the Internet survives.

The Cruiser News Archives

March '08

Cruiser News magazine March 08 Sailing Water Sports Philippines

PG Nature: Albatrosses & Eagles
Kayak: A Kayak On The Mekong (2)
Sailing: Sailing The Blade (Iloilo Paraw Reg.)
Windsurfing: Wet, Windy & Wonderful
Dinghy: Small Boat Programme News
Travel: Manila Moves Closer to Subic Bay

December '07


PG Nature: Birding Sabah
Kayak: A Kayak On The Mekong (1)
Scuba: Bye Bye Alma Jane
Sailing: All Souls Regatta 2007
Dinghy: National Lawin Regatta
Surfing: Cloud 9, Perfect Surf
Travel: Discovering Siargao

September '07


PG Nature: Snakes Alive (3)
Cruising: Head Winds & No Beer
Scuba: Build It & They Will Come
Surfing: Cloud 9 Beach Babes & Surf
Sailing: Achieving Independence & Beauty
Hobies: Heaven Inside The Volcano
Travel: Nokia Siemens Brave PG Waters
Yacht Friendly Moorings: Romblon Town

June '07


PG Nature: Snakes Alive (2)
History: The Mindorow Paraw
Scuba: A Mermaid's View of Sabang
Sailing: Manila Boracay Race 2007
Sailing: PGYC Easter Regatta 2007
Sailing: The President's Cup 2007
Cruising: Vivarce's Paint job and Maya Maya
Boats: Dream Boats - Christian's Cat (1)
Yacht Friendly Moorings: Coral Cove Resort, Puerto Galera

March '07

Sailing Water sports news Windsurfing Calamian Cruise Snakes reptiles Philippines

PG Nature: Snakes Alive (1)
Cruising: Calamian Island Cruise
Windsurfing: 2nd International Windsurfing Regatta
Dinghy: Round The Island Race
Dinghy: Puerto Princesa Mayor's Regatta
Power Boats: The 2007 Most Excellent Adventure

December '06

Sailing Watersports news All Souls Regatta Sailing in Volcanos Lawin Dinghy Championship Philippines

PG Nature: Corvids & Other Black Birds
Dinghy: Sailability Philippines
Dinghy: National Lawin Dinghy Championship 2006
Sailing: All Souls Regatta 2006
Hobies: Sailing in Volcanoes
Cruising: Bali to Perth (part 2)
Travel: The Lighthouse Marina Resort
Yacht Friendly Moorings: Blue Rock Resort, Subic Bay


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